How to Buy

Welcome to Sierra Classics & Imports. Thank you for considering us for your first or next dream car! We've outlined the purchasing process below to make it easy. Our vehicles are sold all over the world, and the process can be a little different depending on your location. 

Most of our vehicles are sold sight unseen.  We strongly encourage independent inspections of our vehicles and, of course, welcome visitors to visit our showroom. Third-party inspectors and brokers are also welcome. 

Sierra Classics & Imports is a licensed and bonded dealership that's been in business for more than two decades. It's important to understand classic cars are old and not built like modern vehicles. Often, "restored" vehicles have been worked on by multiple professionals and non-professionals alike. It can sometimes be difficult to determine the history of a particular vehicle, and the life it's lived. We always try to learn the most we can about our inventory through service records, on-sight inspections, research and our experience. 

If this is your first-time buying, contact us and we'll be happy to walk you through the process. 
Call: (775) 786-7808


  • Inventory on our site is generally available at our dealership to view. Please give us a call or email to schedule a time to view the vehicle(s) you're interested in. Prices for our inventory are listed on our website and carry U.S. titles. We have detailed descriptions for most of our vehicles with photos of the exterior, interior, engine bay, and trunk when applicable. Some vehicles have additional photos of the underbody of the vehicle as well. Please contact us for any special picture requests that may not be satisfied with what's on our website. 
  • Test Drives are done with a salesman at the wheel. We'll brake, accelerate, turn, and operate the vehicle any way you wish to determine the cars driving condition. Unfortunately, we rarely let a customer test drive our vehicles. 
  • Buying the Vehicle; When you decided to buy, give us the stock #, your full legal name, address, phone number, and email address. This will allow us to create the purchase order and other documents necessary to complete the sale. We'll send or give you the documents to sign either electronically or in person. If you prefer us to send you hard copies of the documents, just let us know and we'll mail them to you. We'll share our banking instructions with you for the wire transfer.
  • Down Payments allow us to hold the vehicle for you for an agreed upon time. Down payments are not refundable as we are taking the vehicle off the market for you to complete the purchase.
  • We will send you a Purchase Order, Buyer's Guide and accompanying Agreement, Odometer Statement, Bill of Sale, and Affidavit of Purchaser (notarized) that will need to be signed and returned to us via e-signatures, mail, or fax. These documents are required by law to enable us to transfer the vehicle to you. We'll accept payment by cashier's checks or wire transfers. Only when documents are signed, and payment is completed will the vehicle be released from the dealership.
  • Nevada Residents will need to pay sales tax and a doc fee of $150. An additional Title Reassignment form is required in addition to a valid Driver's License. 
  • Once the sale is complete our staff will update you with copies of the signed documents and let you know the vehicle is ready for shipping or pick-up. Domestic non-Nevada residents will receive a drive-away permit placed on the windshield allowing for 15-days of driving. Title processing can take 30 days to complete. We'll mail/FedEx the title to the address on the purchase documents.
  • See our shipping section for more information on getting the car to you.


  • Similar process as above with a few differences. 
  • Payment are to be completed via wire transfer. 
  • Shipping Arrangements; we can recommend overseas shippers to you who will help with all the required steps and documents to ship internationally. We'll work with shippers as needed for pick-up and document arrival.
  • Vehicles will usually arrive to most popular ports within 4 to 8 weeks. The shipping company will process and send you all necessary documents.


Nevada buyers will pay a sales tax rate of .08265%. All other domestic and international buyers will pay taxes to the authority stipulated by your local taxation laws. We do not collect sales tax on non-Nevada residents. Non-Nevada residents will be given a form that needs to be notarized and returned to us in order to receive the title for the vehicle. The form states that the buyer is not a Nevada resident.


Buyers are welcome and encouraged to have an independent inspection done. This allows a third-party to view the car on your behalf and send you a report of the vehicle. We'll coordinate the logistics with the inspector, but otherwise the inspector works for you. We'll take the car to a mechanic or inspector within 10 miles of our dealership. Inspectors are also welcome to come to the dealership. Please let us know if you'd like a recommendation.